Saturday, May 29, 2010


Here are some updates on the nursery:

Josh's cousin Daniel and his wife Summer gave us this swing! It is a cradle swing and will come in handy I am sure!

This is the changing table that Kirk and Janiece gave to us!

We painted this dresser white because it was kind of beat up and looks WAY better white!

We bought 2 of these uniforms for her to go visit Daddy at the studio! They are SO DANG CUTE!!! One is 0-6 and the other is 6-12 so she's good to go until we can get her into a real uniform and get her doing some taekwondo!

This is the pack and play my mom gave us that we are going to use as a bassinet until our crib gets here some time in July.

My mom and I (mostly my mom) designed and made this quilt! We put green minky on the back of it. It is so soft and will keep little Celes warm at night!

We still have a few finishing touches that we are going to do such as letters spelling her name to go above the crib and some very creative wall art we are going to make using scrapbook paper. I will post more pictures when it is done!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ok... Now I'm starting to get nervous...

So I went to the doctor on last Monday, May 17, and he said that I was not dilated at all and that I was only 50% effaced. That gave me a little bit of comfort as I have started to get extremely nervous. Well, Wednesday, May 26, I went back to the doctor and in only a week I have dilated to a 2 and I am 80% effaced... That makes me a little nervous. As I was leaving, he said, "See you back in another week.... or sooner." OR SOONER!!! That isn't comforting my nerves at all. He did say that she was head down and everything was looking good. That helped a little but I am starting to get Braxton Hicks contractions that are becoming stronger. We will see how soon she wants to make her little appearance in the world!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a few updates!

So..... Janiece is doing wonderfully! She is responding well to everything and is even up and walking! It truly is amazing how fast she is recovering. She doesn't even look or sound like she just had a heart transplant. We are so grateful that she is doing so well. Thank you for all of your prayers and support for Josh's family.

Another update on the baby-
She is doing well and she is finally starting to come out of her breeched state that she has been so comfortable in for the entire pregnancy. The doctor says that I am progressing normally and that he expects her to be born right around her due date. That makes me feel a little calmer because I am to the "I'm getting really nervous about having a baby" part of pregnancy. We are decorating the nursery this Saturday and I'm so excited! I can't wait for everything to be done. We have almost everything ready but we are still on the hunt for a cradle swing. I will post pictures when we are all done with everything!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heart to Heart

Tonight, Janiece got a page on her very special pager saying that she needed to get to the hospital to receive a heart transplant. We are all praying that her body takes the heart with no complications and she comes out of the surgery well. Any prayers from anyone else would be appreciated greatly.