Sunday, October 4, 2009

Snow...In October has been snowing all October....the beginning of October....
I couldn't let the chance to make a snow angel pass me by....

Here's the finished product! I hate snow, but love snow angels. Tell me how that works...


  1. I am the same way...though I have made sand angel´s before...I must admit the snow was much easier to clean up!

    Your pictures are wonderful. You and Josh look so happy and very good!

    by the it is over 100*...crazy weather!!!

    Love ya,
    MOM B

  2. I can't believe you had that much snow. Crazy!

  3. Yeah, it's mostly gone now but we are supposed to be getting more! The high for the week is only supposed to be 58! You are in for a shocker Janiece!

  4. Great post and great pictures!

  5. wow you guys did get a lot of snow. i'm glad i found you on here now we can keep in touch. you guys look so happy.
    love your cousin

  6. hehehe
    call me and I will come help you add your video.
    Love ya!
    ~MOM B