Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It has been awhile since I have updated this! Things got a little crazy around our house. Alot of cool stuff has happened though. Josh is now working full time at Goode doing his title clerking stuff (whatever that is) and I have been working full time at the bank now too while some girls are on vacation. The baby is moving around more and more and I have started the "getting fat" phase of pregnancy. The fact that I lost 18 pounds before I finally put 1 on this week doesn't seem to make it any better. But, on the brighter side, me and Josh went to Twin and bought me some preggie pants! They are awesome! My other pants were falling off because my thighs were getting smaller but my stomach wasn't. Turns out that is a bad combo. We will hopefully be able to do another update on Monday because that's our ULTRASOUND DAY!!!! I'm a little excited if you can't tell! Hopefully the update will say it's a boy but whatever it is I will be happy!


  1. I loved seeing your new post!!!
    HOLY COW! Your ultasound is coming REALLY quick!
    Can't wait to hear if he/she has out door plumming or not!
    Love ya

  2. So you want a boy first? I love hearing what people want their first one to be. I so badly wanted a girl first, but my little boy is the best ever! Can't wait to hear... have you looked at your Chinese Conception chart to see what it says? Mine was right with Beckett and says this one is a girl... so we'll see!

  3. Yeah... Mine says it's going to be a boy so hopefully it's right. Everyone is telling me that it's going to be a girl though, except a very select few. Hopefully it's a boy but we will be happy with what ever it is!