Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby "bump" Week 39

These are some recent belly pictures. 39 weeks... Only 10 days left(or less!)

So here is hopefully my last blog post while I'm pregnant. I have gone through the scared phase where I didn't want to have her anytime soon and now I've moved on to the "I want to have her now!" phase.

I am betting that it will be Friday afternoon at 4 pm. One of our friends called Saturday at 12:30 am. What's your guess?


  1. I don't try to guess when babies will come... They come on their own timetable! Good luck! Can't wait to hear that she's here!

  2. I guess Sunday afternoon 3:00 p.m.
    Your picture is darling.
    Have a wonderul labor and delivery!
    Can't be too bad I had nine...don't forget that! Although I always went too fast...epidurals are all good....I had one once!!!!

  3. You look so cute! My mom and I have decided that after you have the baby we are taking a road trip to see her and you! We cannot wait!

  4. I think a re-do is in order.....
    Good luck Ali, we are all excited for you!
    Many hugs....